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Patient Testimonials

Steve M. of Bay Minette, AL

When I was a child, all the children were so loud, so I had no problem hearing. When I started school, all the school children and teachers were loud, so I had no problem hearing. When I entered the work force, everything I worked with was loud, so I had no problem hearing. When I retired, suddenly things became quieter. It was then that I noticed I didn’t hear well. Everyone noticed my hearing loss but me. I think I just did not want to admit I had a problem. Finally after asking my wife to repeat something for the third time she said enough of this and made me an appointment with Dr. Naro. That very day my life changed. I had forgotten that birds and bugs were noisy. I didn’t know the blinkers in my vehicle made a clicking noise when blinking. My wife had never asked me to turn the TV up so she could hear it. Things are certainly different now. I can actually take part in a conversation with people because I can hear what they are saying. Life is much better for me. If you think you have a hearing problem…YOU DO! Don’t wait years as I did before doing something about it. Make your life better now. You won’t regret it!

Karen A. of Atmore, AL

She was very interested in what was going on with me and didn't do a rush job. She was concerned about my issues and trying to find a solution.

Rufus N. of Atmore, AL

I like their caring attitude, explaning everything in detail and overall service.

Mary B. of Flomaton, AL

I liked the service at Naro Audiology. Staff very friendly. My hearing aids have opened up a whole new world for me.

Wayne C. of Century, FL

I love my new hearing aids. They are customized to my loss. They greatly improve the quality of sound I hear. They work great even in loud environments such as restaurants, bars, even football games. I never go anywhere without them on. I love them and the professional help at Naro.

If you are interested in improving your quality of life, please don't hesitate to come in and see . Thanks to new Oticon OPN technology, many patients like Mr. Martin have a new life ahead. Hearing care is healthcare and we are "hear" for you!

Angelene Naro, Naro Audiology & Hearing Solutions

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