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There are many different types of ear infections. Many of which stem from nasal infections, strep throat, and the flu. Both can affect the eustachian tubes (The inner ear) to become swollen and cause fluid blockage. Bacterial contamination can arise from these circumstances. Also, if water gets too far into your ear canal and remains, bacteria is likely to grow and cause infections.

So, what can you do to relieve the discomfort and prevent serious damage taking place in your ear? Well, there are various antibiotics on the market place for ear infections. However, a remedy can be made from the comfort of your own home. The ingredients are only sea salt and water.

Now, we do not recommend retrieving water from the sea. The salt in sea water has lots of bacteria that will eventually cause more damage to your ear, if infected. With store bought sea salt and disinfected sink water, you are working from domesticated ingredients; healthy and pure. Sea salt will help reduce inflammation and pain within your ear canal. However, do not pore the salt water into your ear, instead spray it in your nose. It will help to demolish the built-up fluid within the infected ear.  

In the event that your ear continues in getting worse, you should see your doctor for professional medical assistance.


To make your own salt water drops, dissolve 1/2 tsp. of salt in 1 cup of lukewarm water. Squeeze the mixture into an eye dropper or nose sprayer and place one or two drops in each nostril. Wait one to two minutes and very gently blow or suction your nose. Vigorous nose blowing can cause additional ear pain. As your nose drains and you remove fluid from your nasal passages, your ear infection symptoms should begin to improve.